Organic and Refined Almond Oil.

Almond oil is extracted from the seeds of Almond tree. The process of production consists in cold pressing of bitter or sweet variety of almonds. Bitter almonds contain a few percent concentration of a toxic substance therefore bitter almond oil is rectified. The liquid that we obtain has a semifluid consistency, yellow colour and delicate taste and scent. Oleic acid comprises half of its ingredients; it also contains smaller quantities of linolic, palmitic and stearic acids as well as vitamins and minerals. It belongs to the group of non-drying oils. It cannot be heated to temperature higher than 70°C. It is sometimes used in cosmetic, drug and food industries and in the production of machines.

hair-care.jpgHealth food stores offer two varieties of almond oil: organic and refined. What’s the difference between the two products? Organic and refined almond oils are extracted through the same method – cold pressing. However, a refined cosmetic is purified through filtration or distillation. For this reason, it is more resistant to heating; it’s been deprived of its natural colour and scent and is recommended for allergic and sensitive skin care. On the other hand, the manufacturer of an organic almond oil has to present certificates which prove that the seeds, from which the product has been produced, haven’t been sprayed and that the ready cosmetic hasn’t been submitted to any chemical reactions.

What else is different about organic and refined almond oils? The visible difference is in the formula of the product. Organic almond oil is dark yellow, clear, has mild taste and nice fragrance. When heated up to 70°C, it loses its precious ingredients and properties. If we want to extend its durability, we can add 2% of vitamin E which is a natural preservative of oily phase of cosmetics. Refined almond oil is light yellow and fragrance-free. Both types of oils contain similar ingredients. These are: fatty acids, minerals and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, D and E). The oils are recommended to all skin types, they apply and absorb well. They work equally perfect in massage and healing skin conditions, including stretch marks. The products also provide great care for hair and scalp, give moisturizing, repair, smoothing and strength.

Almond oil, refined or organic, has to be stored in specified conditions. Only then will it keep its active ingredients and properties. The product must be kept in the fridge in a tightly closed container. It cannot be exposed to sunbeams, moisture or air. After opening, it maintains its durability for more or less six months.