Nanoil Almond Oil. 100% beauty in each drop!

The best almond oil is the one that can be trusted so we can be sure that it takes care of our hair and skin comprehensively. Definitely theĀ finest beautifying properties are exhibited by Almond Oil produced by Nanoil – cold-pressed, unrefined and the most effective oil currently available on the market.

Do you know that there are different types of almond oil? Basically, there are two main groups: bitter almond oil and sweet almond oil. They are obtained from seeds that belong to various strains of almond tree, however, it’s the sweet almond oil that is widely used for beauty purposes. The reason for that is the fact that sweet almonds contain more nourishing substances.

The difference can be also noticed among the same type of oils that come from various sources, therefore it’s better to choose oils of the highest quality, such as Nanoil.



Nanoil sweet almond oil

Almond Oil by Nanoil is the highest quality natural cosmetic. It’s obtained from almond nuts due to cold oil press extraction. It doesn’t undergo refining process which means that the oil preserves all of its nourishing substances. The oil’s consistency is lightweight and is incredibly well-absorbing, therefore it serves its purpose in daily hair and body care.

Find out why Nanoil Almond Oil should find its place in your makeup bag. Here are six most important qualities of Almond Oil.

N like Natural Beauty Oil

Almond Oil by Nanoil is the highest class beauty oil that can be applied to the entire body, delicate face skin as well as hair, nails and eyelashes. It tackles several tasks and is found indispensable by people who are sensitive to some beauty products. The oil is recognized as an alternative to many cosmetics (creams, balms and conditioners) and comes straight from nature, so it’s simply better than drug store products. Naturalness is its biggest asset.

A like Active Action of Almond Oil

Why is almond oil a popular choice of both those whose skin is sensitive as well as pregnant women? Simply because the action it performs is completely natural which makes it an effective and safe cosmetic. When applied to skin, it absorbs in no time and works from the inside by improving skin condition day by day (it encourages skin self-regenerating processes). Almond Oil is one of the oils that answers our needs.

N like No Ordinary Properties of Nanoil Oil

A few words should be said about the properties of Nanoil Almond Oil that – if applied regularly – improves skin and hair condition incredibly well.

Effects of almond oil on skin:

Pure almond oil nanoil

  • Improves moisturising and deeply nourishes skin.
  • Protects against the sun, toxins and free radicals.
  • Accelerates skin self-renewal processes.
  • Prevents wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite.
  • Aids in fighting back cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Makes skin more elastic by restoring its youthful look.
  • Considerably delays appearance of the first signs of ageing.
  • Soothes irritations, leaves skin smooth and soft.

Effect of almond oil on hair:

  • Prevents dehydration and frizzy hair.
  • Protects hair ends against splitting.
  • Relieves scalp irritations and improves its condition.
  • Nourishes hair bulbs and maintains the adequate level of hydration.
  • Reduces the adverse effects of UV rays.
  • Leaves hair more elastic, smooth and shiny.

O like Oil Massage and more

While talking about Almond Oil by Nanoil, we should also mention its application – after all, this is another asset of this product.

Natural, cold-pressed and unrefined almond oil can be perceived as a natural alternative to most cosmetics that we put on our bodies every day. You can add it to a bath, use as a body balm or anti-cellulite massage oil. Also, it’s suitable to condition face skin since it can be used: as a makeup remover, as a makeup base, instead of a face cream/serum. Furthermore, you can rub it into your fingernails and dry cuticles instead of a conditioner, and use it as a hand and foot cream. In most cases though almond oil is chosen to carry out hair oil treatment and nourishing baths.

I like INCI free from parabens

It’s worth mentioning that Nanoil Almond Oil doesn’t feature any unnecessary additives (fragrances, preservatives, silicones, parabens) and its composition is 100% almond oil certified by Ecocert. Since this product’s INCI is free from parabens, the composition of Nanoil contains only precious unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols and antioxidants, among which prevails vitamin E.

L like Likable and Recommended

The thing that weighs in the oil’s favour is its popularity. It’s one of the most eagerly chosen and recommended natural beauty oils that is mostly reached for those people who care for high quality products and effectiveness.